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Pictured above is the Confederate enlistedmanís kepi worn by Robert C. Rowan of the 62nd Tennessee Infantry. Also shown is the wartime picture of Rowan himself wearing his captainís uniform. This kepi has all the proper proportions and material for a Confederate kepi. Although a number of mouse gray or brown kepis exist, so far as is presently known, this is one of only three all cadet gray enlisted pattern kepis that have survived. The other two are the Redwood kepi, once in the Museum of the Confederacy, and a kepi in the county museum in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. This is neither of those.

The kepi is a chasseur style pattern made of gray wool and cotton material, the gray wool weft is cadet gray color, and the cotton warp in white. The kepi measures three inches high overall in the front, and five and one half inches in the back, the top is five inches in diameter.

The band is seemed at the rear only, while the body is seamed in the front and rear. The visor is made of a single thickness of what is probably pasteboard, with oil cloth on top and bottom. The edge has an oilcloth binding, sewn in place by machine. The Visor is two inches deep in front. There is no chinstrap remaining, though there are places where buttons were once located.

There is more research on Rowan being sought. If you have any information on the 62nd Tenn. Infantry, please contact us. Thank you very much for your interest in The Society.

Best of Wishes,

Michael Collins
Chief Curator
Civil War Antiques Preservation Society

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