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bugle1.gif - 1891 BytesThe Civil War Antiques Preservation Society specializes in the research, authentication, and the procurement of Civil War artifacts. Our mission is to save through acquisition, Civil War artifacts that otherwise would continue to be improperly cared for or even worse, lost for ever. However, we can only accomplish this with the help of those interested in preserving and passing on to The Society artifacts that otherwise would go unknown to fellow researchers and to the public. As members of the prestigious Sothebyís.Com and as consultants to museums, auction houses, historical societies and institutions, we strive to enlighten and share with those interested in our Civil War past.

bugle1.gif - 1891 Bytes Our services will help individuals, collectors, and institutions identify, and authenticate the Civil War artifacts they may have. We are constantly seeking the donations of and opportunity to buy any genuine Civil War artifacts. We will most often pay the highest prices for items needed in our collection. We will most often outbid any offer made by any other museum, institution or reputable Civil War antiques dealer. We feel very strongly that Civil War artifacts are to be shared and not remain in trunks or boxes, never to be given the proper respect, research, or preservation they deserve.

bugle1.gif - 1891 Bytes You will find that along with our services, we also offer a periodic article pertaining to a particular subject matter; for example, one month we may explore the Springfield musket and another month we may explore the Richmond musket, both of which were very important arms in the Civil War. The information contained in these articles will prove to be an invaluable source for those wishing to learn more about Civil War equipment, weapons and the personal items of the soldiers.

bugle1.gif - 1891 Bytes Finally, our site includes a Sellerís Services page. This page is intended for those considering selling a Civil War antique and will contain information and questions that can be answered and then e-mailed directly to us for further evaluation.

bugle3.gif - 1824 Bytes Thank you for visiting our site and please visit our links page. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest in preserving our Civil War heritage.


bugle2.gif - 1790 Bytes All of the services we provide are 100% guaranteed. We go to great lengths to provide the most accurate results available for the items we examine. We are constantly consulting with other institutions and individual experts with respect to Civil War antiques. Your confidentiality and satisfaction is our highest priority.

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